Lead local market intelligence and keep partners updated with existing and upcoming projects.

Market introduction and promotion of partners products and services.

Assist with prequalification process with all government, quasi- government, and private clients

Assist with formulating best winning consortium.

Provide guidance on current and new law and regulations.

Follow up on targeted projects and provide periodic consultation on progress.

Purchase of tender documents on behalf of principal.

Key support during proposal preparation with local information including estimated budget, local prices, manpower, local logistics, local taxes to assist partners submittal of competitive price.

Provide feedback during proposal evaluation including price ranking, competition participation and reasonable information on progress of technical evaluation.

Assist with all needed licensing and permits, including labor work permits, necessary for the project execution.

Provide all needed support during contract signing, negotiations and execution.

Facilitate access to local and regional banks to access financing in the debt, bond and equity market.